What is ORCS!?

ORCS! is the silly brainchild of Christine Larsen, a cartoonist and illustrator from Philadelphia.
As a long time fan of monsters and lackeys, I’ve always enjoyed showing a story from their side; turning them into the unlikeliest of protagonists.  Though Orcs are our main focus in ORCS! (obviously) there will be characters of numerous fantasy races as well as beasts and monsters, based on various mythologies and my own bizarre imagination.

Essentially, I’ve mashed everything I love into one comic.  I'm not trying to be faithful to the mythos of one culture or region.  I intend to combine all sorts of folklore and faerie stories to create the Known World.

ORCS! is episodic, but all of the stories inform a larger narrative.  The story list on the left is ordered as they are meant to be read, so the larger narrative remains in tact.

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