The Cast

I will be adding characters as they appear in various stories...


The Wise Woman

She is the tribal healer, magician, priestess and all around guru of the spiritual realm.  Her visions may seem haphazard and frivolous, but there's a lot more to this old crone than meets the eye...

King Hrogragah

Leader of the Orc tribe residing in the Foggy Peaks, King Hrogragah comes across as mostly bumbling, and yet, his subjects love his undeniable charisma.


King Hrogragah's adoring right hand man.  Lackie is always ready to defend his handsome king in a pinch!


An Orc captain that leads a small but loyal band.  It's hard to come by friends in the dog eat tail world of Orcs, but he does his best to keep his crew together.  He's also a huge fan of Drod one eye, and wears an eye patch to honor his favorite hero.


Bog's irksome second in command, Utzu might be a decent leader herself if everyone didn't annoy her so much.  She is usually content to keep Bog in line, or quietly laugh at his stupidity.


A rank and file Foggy peaks Orc, Pez is just one marble shy of a bag.  Though she's not the bravest in the bunch, if you want someone to do something crazy, this is your gal.


Pez's younger brother by a few, stupid seconds, this tiny fellow is quick and quiet, the group's helpful, sardonic sneak.


One of the larger Orcs in the tribe, this silent brute is a proper berserker when enraged.  Otherwise, Gurh is a mild mannered as Orcs come.


This tiny fellow is Utzu and Gurh's precocious spawn.  He and his pet wolf, Wolfie, keep the crew on their toes and join in the shenanigans (when mum thinks it's safe enough).


An elf of Dapplelight Wood, Leonard concerns himself with high speech and high fashion when he isn't checking the border for dangerous Urkz!


Leonard's cheeky roommate.  Daniel is quick with the bow and even quicker with a sly remark.  He enjoys sunsets and MLT sandwiches.

 Drod One Eye

The legendary warrior that mapped the Known World and penned many books on the flora and fauna she came across.  Drod was unmatched with the sword in her time.

The Siren

Though once a hermit, Drod stirred the Siren from her island.  She hunts the legendary warrior across the Known World with her golems.

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