Friday, June 17, 2016

Bird Brained Page 09-10

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Bird Brained Page 1

This double page spread includes characters from the #orcsthecomicdesigncontest I ran on the tumblr.  Big thanks to @teechew, Denni, mona-wolt,  lenlovecraft,  unlimitedwondercomics,  dinosaurryuuzaki,  zoop526,  roachpatrol,  cliomancer,  morgulmotel, s pring-tidejuvenile,  and The Lauderdale for your design entries!  I was really happy and pleased with all of the submissions!

Late submission and submissions with multiple characters may see their Orcs more covered up than early birds with one entry, but never fear, these guys will still show up in the background of future panels.

I'm really excited for more reader participation contests in the future!

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bird Brained 08

Bird Brained Page 1


Next page is what I needed all those BG characters for, but this page does have a pair done by a young reader.

Thanks Denni!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Bird Brained 07

Bird Brained Page 1

Aw man... this can't be good. Go to page 01 of Bird Brained.

Sorry for the couple weeks off!  But, hey, we have a new website!  I'm hoping to blow this thing out with a character page and bestiary page and atlas page... but until then, I hope you are enjoying this ORCS! short!  Feel free to leave a comment on the pages you like 8)

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